Dancing Professionally, The Key to Confidence, and Capitalizing on Failure ft. Sydney Zmrzel

Updated: Jan 21

Welcome to Episode #2 by Let’s Get Cozy, The highly ranked lifestyle podcast!

As the episode begins, Brielle and Hannah dive into the world of plastic surgery, fillers, and botox. This outpour includes divulgence of their personal experiences. We get into the key to feeling sexy, how to attract your partner, and the pressures of society.

From this episode, you’ll receive a new outlook on beauty, entrepreneurship, and failure.

About Syndey Zmrzel

The two then introduce Professional Dancer for the Phoenix Suns, Sydney Zmrzel. She brings her spin on these societal pressures with her own experiences. Including how to deal with internet trolls, her time dancing professionally in the NFL and now NBA, and her entrepreneurial endeavors.

With her own e-commerce clothing store, Shop Jaunty, she shares her business expertise! She also delves into her journey of starting a successful business from the ground up. And, most importantly, how to capitalize on failure and hardships.

Shop Jaunty

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To Bring it All Together

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So snuggle up and push play!

Stay Cozy,

Hannah & Brielle

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