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*Trigger Warning* This episode and blog post include attempted rape and murder - If this may negatively trigger you, please do not listen or read. This is a popular self-help, mental health, and wellness podcast. Let's Get Cozy is a popular podcast on the Washed Up Network.

Popular Podcast: Survivor Story Episode

In Episode #6, we sit down with Hannah's mother, Janet Shippen, in a pre-recorded interview of an attack she suffered back in October. This recording took place two weeks after this attack but was released months later to give Janet time to stabilize and recover. After her approval, Hannah and Brielle released her first-hand encounter for the first time.

So, this episode is specifically the publication of this attack. The purpose of releasing this story is to bring awareness to the harsh reality of what it is like to be a woman. Brielle and Hannah discuss the dangers of predators, including the awareness and caution one must use to stay safe from potential threats.

This Popular Podcast Episode in Summary

The attempted rape and murder of Hannah’s mother, Janet is a deep and vulnerable conversation. She recounts her exact experience as she was attacked mid-day at a public park in a small town. Her bravery, fight, and tenacity saved her life that day.

The three discuss ways to stay safe including the list provided below:

Ways to protect yourself from predators

- Don't text or be on your phone while you are walking/running alone

- Be aware of your surroundings

- Always be carrying on object or technology to defend yourself:


Watch Over Met App

Undercover Color

Go Guarded


Be prepared for an intense episode that brings to light such an important topic and conversation.

Janet thanks you all for you kind words and support during this time.

Stay Cozy, Hannah & Brielle

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