Mind + Body Positivity, Beauty, Fitness, and Motherhood ft. Miranda McWhorter and Taylor Paul

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In Episode number five, Hannah Shippen and Brielle Poulter are joined with two new guests on this popular lifestyle podcast! Get ready for an episode filled with beauty recommendations, tips, and discoveries, along with topics including body positivity, beauty, fitness, and motherhood. It’s full of great knowledge from a master esthetician and freelance makeup artist + model Miranda McWhorter. The girls talk about acne, skincare, and makeup must-haves. Alongside Miranda is her friend Taylor Paul who is a fitness guru, model, and lifestyle influencer! Miranda and Hannah have been friends since middle school, and have seen each other's growth throughout the years. This builds a great rapport and gives the whole recording such a cozy and comfortable conversation.

Miranda and Taylor are young mothers who have a major influence on the beauty, health, and fitness lifestyles of thousands of people! These two moms share their personal experiences, giving us an insight into their hectic but rewarding lives!

In this episode, Taylor opens up about her struggle with depression. She speaks on how she has been affected by it and how awful people on the internet can be. Both Miranda and Taylor struggle with dealing with internet trolls, and people who leave hate comments. It is unfortunate how aggressive and inappropriate people can be!

These two young mommas have incredible insight into the world of motherhood, being confident in your changing body, and mental/physical health. Get ready for yet another incredible episode with so much to offer!

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