Life on TV, Meditation, and Self Love ft. Amandha B. Jones

This popular lifestyle podcast episode is DEEP! So get cozy and prepare for an intense dive into the world of media, meditation, and mania. Hannah and Brielle give you an update on their lives and a few takes. Then the two are joined by the well-known and incredible Amandha B. Jones!

About Amandha B. Jones

Amandha is a TV co-host for FOX with her own show, FOX 13 “The Place.” She is also the Founder of Dharana Method Meditation, AND a yoga instructor, all while being a single Mom to her adorable William! She is very spiritual and in touch with all the energies of the world.

With her witty banter, Amandha introduces our listeners to her modalities of healing and line of work. We talk about life on TV, meditation, self-love, surviving depression, reincarnation, energy, and a plethora of other topics.

This popular lifestyle podcast kicks off with such a fun, inspirational, and insightful first Episode!

Beyond the Episode

Not discussed in the Episode is that Amandha is also a tarot card reader! She read both Hannah and Brielle’s cards.

Hannah was a porcupine in her personal life and dolphin to the outside worlds. Being a porcupine on the inside means it’s hard for you to let people in. Meaning you have a lot of walls up. Few truly get to know you.

The Dolphin to the outside world means you don’t breathe enough because you’re always going and going. You are a very energetic person who doesn’t know when to stop. Hannah learned she needs to take a step back, relax, and let go every once in a while.

Brielle was a bald eagle in her personal life and a spider looking from the outside. Being a bald eagle on the inside means you’re intrinsically motivated. With this, it also means you are a great leader.

The Spider means she is always building a web for those around her. She is always helping mend others and their issues. She is a healer.

To Wrap Up

This episode from the popular lifestyle podcast is full of incredible insight and great conversation. You’re sure to come away from this episode with a new outlook on life. So take a deep breath, release, and push play.

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Stay Cozy,

Hannah & Brielle

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