Life of a Multi-Media Social Influencer

Episode 3 Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1. Hannah and Brielle are joined by Multi-Media Influencer, Digital Content Creator, and Photographer Kylie Katich! Kylie is a well-known digital artist that works with photography and video edits.

About Kylie - Popular Lifestyle Podcast

Her work is unique, as a lot of her content is actually educational. Showing her followers how she gets her incredible shots and artistic angles. She also discusses camera work and how to use the correct techniques to get the perfect shot. Kylie is a perfect fit for this popular mental health podcast, relating to all of its listeners!

What To Expect from this Mental Health Podcast Episode

In this episode, Kylie talks of her leap of faith from a school teacher to pursue her dream of becoming a media powerhouse. Kylie was a special education teacher after graduating from the University of Utah before shifting to a full-time career as a digital content creator.

The three dive deep into Kylie’s journey to success and uncomfortable conversations with your partner. Kylie and her husband Alex had to have very candid conversations about their careers and future. All topics are relevant to important conversations in this mental health podcast.

To Wrap Up

There is an important conversation on social media and its effects on society. Coming from an Instagram influencer, Kylie is the best person to speak on this topic. She has had so many experiences, both positive and negative, from her platforms. Getting into more juicy topics, the three have a candid conversation about life on the internet!

Get inspired and enthralled with part 2!

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