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Hello Cozy Fam! Hannah and Brielle here, the hosts of the popular lifestyle podcast “Let’s Get Cozy.” We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you all! Read on to learn more about us!

Meet Brielle Poulter

Brielle is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work to become a mental health therapist. Her undergraduate background is in Peace and Conflict Studies. Some of her favorite things to talk about are interpersonal conflict and peaceful dialogue.

Brielle is a certified meditation teacher and a certified hypnotherapist. She can’t wait to finish her grad program to dive into new modalities of healing and therapy.

Brielle currently works in residential treatment with adolescent girls with behavioral issues and trauma and works as a therapist at her internship for foster kids and teens!

She loves dancing and movement, baking cookies, and hearing people’s life stories. She loves to dive into spiritual topics and spiritual healing, and she can’t wait to connect with you all!

Meet Hannah Shippen

Hannah is behind all the marketing, media, and editing for the show! She is 23 years old and a newbee to Utah.

Hannah has five siblings, two brothers and three sisters! She’s too close to her sisters. They’re practically her world and built-in best friends.

Hannah has her Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Boise State University. During her time there, she worked in marketing, event management, and sports.

She danced professionally for two years for the Pro Indoor Football Team, Idaho Horsemen, as a Lady Spurs Cheerleader!

She now works for a marketing & advertising firm, Fusion 360, as the Media Content Marketing Manager! Long title, we know. She loves her job as it facilitates her love for content creation, marketing, and management!

Hannah’s passions also include playing sports, doing outdoor activities, spending time with family, and traveling. Oh, and listening to podcasts, of course.

She grew up in a sports-centric household and spent most of her youth and all of high school playing basketball or volleyball for Rigby High School. Having her Dad as a coach and your biggest supporter made it that much more enjoyable.

From this popular lifestyle podcast, Hannah wants to facilitate conversation about important topics, have intriguing and engaging words with friends and inspirational people, and hopefully bring some smiles to people’s faces with her awful but hilarious laugh.

Oh, and have an excuse to pursue her dream to have a podcast with her best friend and confidant.

We genuinely hope you guys love this podcast and are excited about it as we are! We can’t wait to share our guests and words with you all!

Thank you for following us and being a part of our journey.

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This popular lifestyle podcast is sure to bring you laughter, tears, and inspiration. Don’t forget, we’re available on 11 different streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple podcasts!

Stay Cozy,

Hannah + Brielle

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