The Cozy Intro, Two Meaty Girls, and a Sandwich Anarchist

Episode #0 - Let’s Get Cozy The Lifestyle Podcast

The Intro episode, #0, introduces you to the Podcast Co-Hosts Hannah Shippen and Brielle Poulter! They get nice and cozy with introductions, blubbering about their friendship and love for each other, and what this podcast is all about. Get inundated to sandwich anarchy, see if you believe in God, and MUCH more.

What is This popular podcast about?!

This lifestyle podcast is sure to make you laugh while enjoying inspirational, exciting, and immersing conversations. Topics about life, wellness, mental health, and women empowerment, to name a few.

These ladies use their humor and knowledge to bring awareness to meaningful conversations and bring new voices and opinions to life.

Hannah Shippen, a media content marketing manager, brings her business world expertise, marketing, and witty humor to the table.

She holds her Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Boise State University. On the other hand, Brielle is an inspiring therapist who works with traumatized teens and is pursuing her master’s degree in social work at the University of Utah. Her undergraduate degree is in peace and conflict studies.

To Wrap Up

The two have been best friends since middle school. They both enjoy dancing, outdoor activities, and traveling. They are two complete opposites but that’s what makes them so great together! The two have been through so much together and have so many happy memories and experiences. They also have been with each other through the darkest of times. They truly have a bond that can’t be broken!

Hannah and Brielle bring you a new guest and a new topic every week! Let’s Get Cozy The Podcast is all about reaching people and changing their lives.

Stay Cozy!

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