From Teacher to Media Powerhouse ft. Kylie Katich

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Episode #3 Part 2 of Let’s Get Cozy, the popular mental health and wellness podcast is available on both Spotify and Apple podcasts! It is hosed by Hannah Shippen and Brielle Poulter.

Where to Begin

Hannah and Brielle are joined by Multi-Media Influencer, Digital Content Creator, and Photographer Kylie Katich! In this episode, Kylie talks of her leap of faith from a school teacher to pursue her dream of becoming a media powerhouse.

The three dive deep into Kylie’s journey to success, uncomfortable conversations with your partner, social media effects in society, and more juicy topics! In continuation from last week's episode on this popular mental health and wellness podcast, Let's Get Cozy. Get inspired and enthralled with part 2!

Kylie is a well-known multi-media influencer. She is known for her photography skills, presence on social media, and ambient personality. Kylie went to the University of Utah and studied education. After graduation, she began working as a special education teacher while continuing her photography business on the side.

After a few years, Kylie knew her calling was tied to her creativity and took the leap of becoming a full-time photographer and influencer. Since, then she has grown exponentially on TikTok and Instagram, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands!

What To Expect from This Week's Lifestyle Podcast Episode

We talk all about following your intuition, trusting the process, and believing in yourself. We all take transitions in our lives that are hard, but necessary. Kylie now gets paid by brands to make posts on her social media, and LOVES it! There is so much creativity and artwork that Kylie demonstrates in her work.

Kylie is truly one of the most authentic, real, and relatable influencers out there. Kylie and Alex just bought their first home together in Salt Lake City, Utah!

To Wrap UP

Kylie discusses her journey and challenges with her husband, Alex Katich. The three discuss so many important topics and conversations to have with your partner. It's a great episode with incredible insight!


Stay Cozy,

Hannah & Brielle

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