Finding Balance While Pursuing Success

Let's Get Cozy is a popular mental health and wellness podcast hosted by Hannah Shippen and Brielle Poulter.

Success and Charity

Taylor Brown is the CEO of multiple companies, most notably ACTA wear. Taylor is a guest on "Let's Get Cozy" (the mental health and wellness podcast). ACTA is a high-end athletic wear brand that focuses on giving back. Every purchase offers the customer 4 charities to chose from to send 10% of every purchase. One of these charities is a mental health advocacy non-profit, something we are obviously very admirable of! He is a proud father of two sweet boys, and husband to Sydney Brown. Taylor is also Hannah's cousin!


Before founding ACTA, Taylor held senior positions with three different Tech Corporations and has founded multiple companies. One of the companies which he founded was merged with Alder Holdings LLC, in UT, when he was 23. After experiencing the corporate world,

Taylor’s knack for entrepreneurship couldn’t be braced and he exited working for these tech giants through the start of ACTA. Since that time Taylor has successfully launched 500+ products, has sold over 250,000+ of these products worldwide while simultaneously partnering and donating over six figures to charity.

Taylor’s passion for entrepreneurship has not stopped with the success of ACTA as he has since founded two successful tech companies. Taylor looks forward to exploring the world of entrepreneurship in these industries as he carves his own path while concurrently serving his community and family. Taylor’s mission is to create innovative technologies that improve the lives of families & individuals. Taylor served a two-year church mission in Ghana & California.

Integrating Physical and Mental Health

Brielle and Hannah bring on Taylor to discuss balance in such crazy times, how physical and mental health correlates, and discuss ways Taylor keeps his mind, body, soul, and spirit fed.

It is so important to focus on the importance of your physical health and how it affects your mental health. Starting a consistent schedule with regular physical activity can have major effects on your mental health and energy levels. We encourage you to take even a short walk every day, to get moving and take literal steps in the right direction.

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