popular lifestyle podcast hosted by hannah shippen and brielle poulter. On apple podcasts and spotify. Blue color with cool melting font and butterfly. Shop jaunt for the cozy x jaunty collection. Mental health, wellness, relationships podcast

It's finally here!

The Cozy x Jaunty Clothing Line

Hannah Shippen and Brielle Poulter have teamed up with Sydney Zmrzel, the owner and founder of the edgy, fun, and sexy e-commerce clothing store Shop Jaunty! The three have hand-picked, created, and designed a clothing line of "cozy" attire. Fitting the brand and feel that all the girls love!

These female entrepreneurs have released 8 new pieces as a part of this collection! Each to represent the popular lifestyle podcast, "Let's Get Cozy" hosted by Hannah and Brielle. They also wanted the brand to incorporate the Shop Jaunty style of being hip, edgy, and stylish. The line is all cozy fits, including sweatshirts, hoodies, crewnecks, shorts, and sweat pants!

What to Expect From the Cozy Clothing Line

The style is built around the melting lettering and butterfly effect that is Shop Jaunty's brand! There is the "So Cozy I Could Fly" Hoodie that is tan with the "cozy" melted lettering. There is also the "Throwin Sage Hoodie" that is unisex! Its sage color pairs with its matching shorts. A perfect element for the men of this popular lifestyle podcast!

There is also a black cropped "cozy butterfly hoodie" that pairs with black sweatpants. So adorable. The line also contains the white crew neck that is simple and perfect! It is unisex so you can get it for you OR your man! And to top it all off, we have the "Too Cozy to Care" beanie! It's so black and so cute. Goes with any piece in the collection.

To Wrap UP

Hannah, Brielle, and Sydney spent months putting in the hard work to make this line happen. The designs were created by hand and each with intention and purpose. Each piece of the collection is to show off the creativity, style, and mood of the popular lifestyle podcast "Let's Get Cozy" which encompasses topics from mental health, wellness, and relationships. You can listen on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or 11 other streaming platforms.

Let's Get Cozy is a part of the Washed Up Network.

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