Body Positivity and Healthy Dynamics

Welcome to our body positivity blog post with lifestyle influencer and model Sienna Meek! Sienna was born and raised in Utah. She has been dancing for 23 years and professionally for 4. While dancing- she has struggled with a severe eating disorder and has overcome the trauma of divorce. Sienna now promotes self-love, discusses her experiences with depression and the importance of leaving toxic relationships for a living. She is a huge proponent of body positivity and showing the truth behind what we see on the smokescreen of social media. Like Hannah and Brielle, Sienna is an advocate for educating young girls on healthy relationship dynamics and body love. They discuss red flags in relationships, staying grounded, and navigating a perfectionist culture.

Often times when we are in relationships, we are blinded by facts and inappropriate behavior due to our emotions and empathy. It is important to see when an individual is manipulating you with emotions, false hope, and broken promises. It is always best to practice self-preservation until finding someone who treats you the way you are to be treated. In this episode, Hannah and Brielle talk about Mental Health Awareness Month and getting curious about the experiences of others as a way of deepening our conversations about mental health. Click here for the Ted Talk by Eleanor Longden on how we talk about severe mental illnesses.

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