Let's Get Cozy


Let's Get Cozy, The Podcast is a Mental Health and Wellness Podcast.


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This Mental Health and Wellness Podcast and Merch line is produced, designed, and distributed by Hannah Shippen and Brielle Poulter. The pair bring on a new guest every other week to discuss their own personal journey with mental health, what they're doing to help break the stigma, and offer a new perspective on the issue.

So get cozy and join us every other Tuesday

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To break the stigma surrounding mental health, provide resources to those struggling with mental illness, and to bring raise funds and awareness around the topic. Our goal is to empower individuals to become their best selves, stay true to who they are, and show them that they ARE NOT ALONE.

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To fund, educate, and empower all by creating a community centered around breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

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